The Inca Army Illustration

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The Inca Army

The Inca army was very well organized. Men were trained. This was a job, a specialized profession.  They practiced marching. The men were proud to be warriors. They worked very hard to be great warriors. They practiced all the time.

The Inca armies were quite a sight. Their uniforms were very colorful. They marched into battle accompanied by drums, flutes and trumpets. The army was organized, well fed, and well trained. They wore warm clothing and protective headgear. They had plenty of medicine. Their weapons were superior to other neighboring tribes. Their main weapon was a wooden club. They also had bows, spears, and boluses, which were Y-shaped cords with stones at three ends. Their greatest weapon was their belief that the gods were on their side.

As time went on, when the Inca army marched their way, some tribes simply joined the Inca Empire rather than be defeated in battle.

Outfitting for Battle

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