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Roads & Bridges

The Inca road were very well built. They were paved. They belonged to the government. Although the roads were built by the common people, once they were built, the common people were not allowed to use them unless they had special permission from the government to do so. If a commoner used the roads without permission, they were tossed off a mountain.

The Inca never invented the wheel, but they had over 14,000 miles of road. Roads connected every piece of the entire.

There were many bridges built over the gorges and ravines in the mountains, and bridges that connected mountains. They built suspension bridges over vast spaces, pontoon bridges over streams and creeks, and pulley baskets over especially different terrain.

Although the common people could not use the roads, they were used by the nobles, the military, the roadrunners (the Inca postmen) and by traders who had received permission. There were rest inns and storehouses along the roadways. There were road signs along the road every couple of miles, so people always knew where they were.


The Inca Roads

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