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Children of the Sun

The Inca worshipped many gods and goddesses. They believed every mountain peak was either the home of a god or an actual god. All the Inca had one or more little statues in their homes that housed a little spirit that looked after them. They knew little gods lurked everywhere.

They prayed to their gods every day. About once a month, the priests held a huge celebration. That was the common people's day or days off from work. Everyone went to the celebration. It was a festival, put on by the government, in honor of the gods. Some festivals ran more than one day.

In Inca believed in omens and signs and the power of dreams. One of their specialized professions for the common people was that of sorcerer.

The Inca conducted sacrifices at every festival. But they only sacrificed people if something really huge was going on, like a war.

They believed in an afterlife. They mummified their dead. During some festivals, they carried around mummified bodies.

Early each June, the Inca held their most important festival of the year - the festival of the Sun. The people believed the Sun itself was holding this festival. Everyone wore their best and feasted and were joyous. All the nobles came to Cusco. The Sapa Inca was the host. The Sapa Inca was not only the head of government, he was also a god, a direct descendent of the sun god Inti. This was the festival each year that saved the world and kept the sun happy. The festival lasted nine days, but it was on the fourth day that the Inca did something delightful. On the fourth day, everyone in the empire would stretch out their arms to the sun and make kissing noises, to make sure the sun knew how grateful they were.

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