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Specialized Professions

Most people in the Inca empire were farmers. Their life was very tough. Some people escaped the farms. Government officials decided who would have what job. But there jobs in the Inca empire that freed you from farming.

One such job was to be a government official. Most of those positions were held by the nobles. But occasionally a commoner received a helping hand from a government official.

Most of the jobs that freed you from farming were warriors, herders, fishermen, craftsmen, weavers, sorcerers, and chosen women.

The sorcerers were not priests. They were commoners who could cure illness, predict the future, and do other magical things.

The chosen women were the most beautiful of the young girls. Some were sacrificed and thrown off the top of a mountain peak, to make the gods happy. Some served as servants to nobles, priests, and even the emperor.

The weavers were incredible. The wove feathers into some fabrics. They made wool fabric that was so soft, it felt like silk. Both men and women were weavers. It was the weavers who make the twisted rope used to make bridges. They created unique designs, many of which are still in use today. They were commoners, but they were respected.

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