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Children of the Sun

The Inca Indians lived high in the mountains of Peru in South America. They believed in many gods and goddesses. Some important gods lived in the sky. Others lived at the very top of the moutain peaks they could see in the far distance. Some of those mountain peaks were actually gods in disguise! Everyone in the Inca Empire knew that! Everyone also knew that each family had a personal little god who looked after them. Like all ancient people, the Incas told stories about their gods and goddesses. Here are just a few of them:

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Inca Myth (animated, interactive)

The Llama Legend

Inca Origin Myth

Inca Myth - "The Rod of Gold"

Inca Myth - "The Boy Who Rose to the Sky"

Inca Myth - "Why the Fox Has a Huge Mouth"

Inca Myth - "The Mouse Husband"

The Shepherd and the Daughter of the Sun

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