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Inca Empire for Kids

The Incas loved anything that glittered. All Inca people, from the Sapa Inca to the lowliest of peasant wore jewelry. The royals and nobility had jewelry made of gold and gems. The common people wore jewelry made of mud, copper, silver, and even occasionally gold. They all wore lots of jewelry - rings and necklaces and bracelets and pins. The use of jewelry was encouraged. It made people happy.

The most interesting jewelry was the earring. Earrings were the same for all noblemen. Men had their ears pierced when they were about 12-14 years old. The men all wore really heavy earrings, designed to change the shape of their earlobes. By the time they were 20 years old or so, their earlobes had been pulled so out of shape that they rested on their shoulders. This was high fashion. Dangling earlobes never went out of style.

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