Hair Styles in the Inca Empire Illustration

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Hair Styles

Men cut their hair short in the front and kept it somewhat longer in the back, long enough to wear in a sling or held with a woven band.

Women wore their hair long, parted in the middle. The only time they cut their hair was in mourning for a lost husband, as a sign of respect. Once their hair grew out, it was time to remarry.

ROYALS & NOBLEMEN: When a noble was just a small child, a board would be strapped to his or her head. This would force the top of their head to grow almost to a point. This was the symbol of nobility and royalty.

Although the royal men wore their hair short in front and longer in back, like the common men, each noble family had a distinctive hairstyle for the men.

The Inca people could easily recognize who was a commoner and who was a nobleman simply by their hairstyle or the way their head was shaped.



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