Expansion & Growth of the Inca Empire for Kids Illustration

Inca Empire for Kids
Expansion & Growth

The Incas expanded very rapidly and soon became an empire. They had a system they used each time they conquered another tribe.

First, roads were built to connect the new territory to the rest of the empire.

Then, government officials, accompanied by the military, would enter the conquered territory and count all the wealth - every vase, every llama, every person.

Some military remained to keep order, along with someone the government official assigned as the new government of the territory.

Some military left, bringing much of the conquered tribe with them. Those people would be scattered throughout the Inca empire. That forced the new people to learn the Incan language. They gave them some time to settle in. If they didn't, they were killed. The Inca did not tolerate rebellion, no matter how small the act.

The new people were given one freedom. They had to worship Inca gods. But they could additional worship gods of their own, if they wished. However, this worship could not interfere with their work.

Outfitting for Battle

The Inca Army

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