Cuzco, Capital City of the Inca Empire Illustration

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Cuzco, Capital City

Cuzco was the capital city. It was tucked high in the Andes Mountains of South America. Like all Inca cities, it was beautiful. There were temples and houses and government buildings and gardens and a huge central square for festivals and gatherings. The streets were paved. The nobles enjoyed it. The commoners only entered the city plaza on festival days.

The Temple of the Sun, the famous Inca building, was designed with six chapels around a courtyard. The stone of the buildings were covered with sheets of gold. It must have been quite a site.

A new palace was built each time a new Sapa Inca (the emperor) came to power. That's because the old palace was still in use. The Incas mummified their emperors and left them inside their palace. Live servants and all of his family continued to live in the palace to wait on them. (Even though they were dead.)

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