Animals in the Inca Empire Illustration

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The Incas had no cows, sheep, pigs, chickens or goats. Their only domesticated animals were llamas, alpacas and guinea pigs.

 There were about 1,700 kinds of birds. Condors were sacred birds. Bird feathers were collected and used in many ways by the nobles. As plentiful as feathers were, the common people were not allowed to use feathers. Any commoner using feathers for any purpose, if caught, was killed.

They used the wool from llamas to weave their incredible fabrics and textiles. They never invented the wheel. They used llamas to drag flat raft life things along the roadroads, stacked with food and goods.

There were many dangerous animals in the Andes including the Andean Bear, the puma, and snakes. Jaquars could be found in the lower levels of the Andes where the base of the mountains reach the Amazon jungle. 

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