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Lesson Plans & Activities

Free Presentations for the Incas

A 3 Llama Look at the Incas (Norman Pratt, Oxford Univ grad) - great!

Incas Unit (Era 5)

Core Knowledge - Inca Empire
If this link does not work, go to, click on lessons above the search box, then search for Inca Empire

Getting Your Message Across (Incan communication)

Inca Artifacts (National Geographic)

Lesson Plan - Land of the Incas (ng)

Inca Expansionism (lesson plan, HS)

Art of the Incas lesson

Peru Lesson Plans

Incas - The Big Myth, Creation Story (Narrated, told in story form)

Daily Life in the Inca Empire (Donn)

Learning Modules & Resources

Early Tribes (Donn)

Ice Treasures (mummies) of the Inca

The Incas (sptimes)

Pizarro and the Incas

The Incredible Incas for Kids

Free Presentations about the Incas

Free Clipart for the Incas

Incas, Mayas, Aztecs
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